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“where have you been, where are you going?"

where have you been, where are you going? explores the journey away from and toward home as a physical, emotional and psychological place & contends with feminist, political and social identities in relationship to the literal & metaphorical constructs of “home." Weaving together dance, theatre, music and text, the work utilizes personal narratives that are conciliatory as well as revelatory, sometimes attached to landscapes, to further explore multiple meanings and layers in our associations with home.

September 21 & 22, 2018 @ 8pm

GREEN SPACE: 37- 24 24th St. #301, L.I.C., NY

Featuring, Miles Butler, Nicole Colbert, Tyler Clark, Mako Ijichi, Aliya Kerimujiang, Efren Sanchez, Heather Shore, Gabrielle Welsh & Eben Wood.




Header photo by Per Morten Abrahamsen