About Nicole Colbert

“My work is a poetic reflection on the human experience.”

Photo by Per Morten Abrahamsen

Photo by Per Morten Abrahamsen

As a dance maker and theatre artist, I am committed to creating a platform for multicultural and inter-generational performers to explore the inter-sectionality of dance and theatre. My work is visually and emotionally oriented and seeks to examine small and intimate moments in life. My aim is to uncover the dichotomy that exists within these moments: the anxiety, but also the potential for beauty to offer a body of work that entertains, engages, and fosters a visceral experience.


Roland Langer (1984) describes dance/theatre as a “performance form that combines dance, speaking, singing and chanting, conventional theater and the use of props, set, and costumes in one amalgam. It is performed by trained dancers. Usually there is no narrative plot; instead, specific situations, fears, and human conflicts are presented.” Drawing from both dance and theatre allows me to expand the vocabulary and expressivity of each.


I have shown my work in New York, New Orleans, London, Denmark and Russia. In NYC, my work has been presented in venues such as Context Theater, Dixon Place, HERE, Hunter College, Mark Morris, Movement Research, The Tank, Triskelion Arts, and the 92nd St Y, and in festivals such as The International Dance Festival on the Volga (Yaroslavl, Russia), Jazz Dance Conference (New Orleans, LA), The Newburgh Illuminated Festival (Newburgh, NY), and the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival (New Orleans, LA) where I premiered my evening length work, Last Stop: Desire, a dance/theatre adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire (March 2017). I shared an evening length concert with Ballet Mink at Krudttønden Theater in Copenhagen, DK (June, 2017) and at BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange in Brooklyn, NY (March, 2018). In addition to creating my own work, I have worked as a choreographer with theatre companies such as The Medicine Show and Sponsored by Nobody.


I hold an MA in Dance History and Choreography from Trinity/Laban Centre in London and an MA in Theatre History and Criticism from Brooklyn College-CUNY where I wrote my thesis on The Wooster Group’s use of dance and movement to subvert, disrupt and entertain. I received my dance training in New York City, New Orleans, and London, and have studied modern, contemporary, ballet, hip hop and jazz (under the tutelage of Lynn Simonson) extensively. In addition to training in dance, I studied acting and scene study at Hunter College and the HB Studio.


I am an Adjunct English professor at CUNY and a theatre critic for www.offoffonline.com