Last Stop: Desire

Last Stop: Desire is a dance/theatre adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. The work highlights the love and tension in the relationship between Blanche, Stella and Stanley, through dance, music, and theater. Distilled to the essential, Williams’ text acts as a foundation to unearth the complex relationship between the three characters as well as explore, more deeply, Blanche’s wounded, yet regal psyche. Original choreography by Nicole Colbert draws on an array of dance forms including jazz, ballet and modern set to a jazz standards as well as original music created by New Orleans based musician Richard Bates.

the home (project)

What is home? Where is home? Who is home? the “home (project)” weaves together dance, theatre & personal narratives to offer a poetic reflection on the complex physical, emotional & psychological associations; both conciliatory & revelatory, that we have with home.


where have you been, where are you going? extends the exploration of home, explores the journey away from and toward home as a physical, emotional and psychological place & contends with feminist, political and social identities in relationship to the literal & metaphorical constructs of “home." Weaving together dance, theatre, music and text, the work utilizes personal narratives that are conciliatory as well as revelatory, sometimes attached to landscapes, to further explore multiple meanings and layers in our associations with home.

Before the Party

Before the Party is a solo work that depicts a woman getting ready to go for an evening & the mixed emotions of this task. It shows the numerous choices she makes & the accompanying feelings of sensuality, excitement, frustration, compulsion & eventually, at the breaking point, unbounded.

Requisition of the Senses

Performed at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, LA, Requisition of the Senses draws on a physical dance vocabulary coupled with spoken word & live music to capture the multiplicitous facets of urban life. The piece explores the urban realities that face us in our everyday lives: the dance we do around each other in public spaces, the intense energy that drives us to a frenzy, as well as the sorrowful reflection on lives lived as we try to find beauty in depleted & exhausting moments. All musicians brought their special talent to the production & included traditional & folk tunes on the accordion by Norbert Slama, original compositions by Seth Kaufman for the piano & The Gas Tank Orchestra who created instruments out of industrial & car parts to create an avant-garde sound.

Revelation of the Senses (duet)

Created as a joyful coda for Requisition of the SensesRevelation of the Senses blends a technical dance vocabulary culled from modern, ballet & jazz. 

Into the Room Walked a Woman
(Who Loved a Man Singing Opera)

A solo woman, struck by the passion of Luciano Pavarotti singing Una Furtiva Lagrima feels longing & wistfulness. As the song moves into its climax, the woman’s longing increases reflected in the intensity of the tempo & repetition in her movement. The piece captures the way in which a voice can move us. How many times have we felt swept away by a singer & prompted to dance? Pavarotti's soulful voice brings the dancer together with the singer even though they have never meet.